Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release date, Specs, Price & Rumours

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Specs, Price & Rumours: After the glimmering launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus in March 2018, now everyone’s eye is at the beast Galaxy Note 9 flagship.According to recent rumors the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be release in the 2nd week of August ,while recently rumored video also known as Samsung Galaxy Note 9 invitation ,the video is confirming the launch event date of Samsung Galaxy note 9.According to video the Galaxy Note 9 is going to launch on 9th August in Samsung’s official Unpack event.

Samsung has never failed in living up to the expectations of its fan, this time as well Samsung with Galaxy Note 9 promising to bring revolution in mobiles with first time under screen fingerprint sensors and camera features that will blow your mind. Although the company has not said anything yet about Note 9, here we are going to present most speculated Galaxy Note 9 Specifications, Price and Note 9 Release date rumors.

Samsung is in the process to introduce its own AI chips this time, into its various devices. In December 2017, Samsung has announced its homemade Exynos 9810 10nm FinFET chipset which is an Octa-core processor. If we analyze the reports from Korea and China, Samsung is almost done with the development of AI chips for servers, which is expected to be commercialized for server firms, according to Samsung insiders. Samsung is turning every stone to match and rise above in technology giving tough competition to Apple and Huawei.

Galaxy Note 9 Concepts & Designs

The bezel-free screen is making a revolution in smartphone users and all mobile giants whether Apple or Samsung are working to make the screen smoother and perfectly embedded with all sensors. Reports suggest that with the latest patent of screen designs Samsung will make a revolutionary change in the screen styles with embedded fingerprint sensors in it and front face camera. It is assumed that it might be using holes cut into the screen itself and there is no notch and no bezels, just a screen-filled front giving a perfect finished. Well with this obvious benefits are it would able to fit a big screen into a relatively small body frame, as well as likely to make the phone more aesthetically pleasing.

As 2018, begins Note 9 and Galaxy S9 buzz started in the tech world. We got some interesting Galaxy Note 9 Concepts which may not go official, but Yes surely Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phablet will look like them. The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 design is supposed to suit every tech geek. With bezel-free display, bright colors and more realistic pictures Infinity+ display, GalaxyNote 9 will be far ahead of the competition and will be eye-catching. Here, we have few Galaxy Note 9 Concept Images rendered by various designers worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specifications & features

Our current hot Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is coming up with edge display, for its tag “being conservative” new Galaxy Note 9 is coming up with killer style and stunning AMOLED panel. Although we will be expecting a huge device, not a phablet, since these days, everyone is aiming for huge screens except apple. So, for now, some key features in galaxy note 9 will be-

  • Stylish improved and stretched AMOLED panel
  • Enough battery support
  • Improved photography needed glass screen.
  • All new security features
  • Sleek UI with the latest Android.
  • Top end snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9 chipset
  • Fingerprint sensor under the screen
  • Dual camera lens

Samsung Galaxy S9 had launch date in March 2018 and we can see Galaxy Note 9 in the market around Aug 2018. Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ had expected to come in somewhat with same specifications with a 6.2 inch Super AMOLED (SAMOLED) capacitive with 1440 x 2560 pixels with 529 pixels per inch. Also embedded with Scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Samsung Galaxy S9 is powered by 2.8 GHz Octa-core Samsung Exynos 9 processor at-least outside US, the company will launch Snapdragon 845 variant in the USA. It will have 4 GB of RAM, that obviously means you can run multiple applications simultaneously with smooth operations. Talking about general specifications: Galaxy S9 is coming up with Android 8 (Oreo)OS with 3000 mAh battery, dual sim, GPS, hotspot, NFC, wifi, Bluetooth. Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with dual camera 12MP  shooter with autofocus, face detection, HDR, Panorama mode, touch focus, Digital zoom, video recording. The smartphone also has a front facing camera of 8MP capacity.


  • Galaxy Note 9’s camera, as mentioned on their own website, Samsung spell the bean about Galaxy Note 9’s camera to come up with the firm’s new ISOCELL sensors, which likely will debut on the S9 and S9+. This is 3-stack fast readout sensor will allow cameras to record video in Full HD resolution, promising motion recording at a high-resolution. The sensor also has a feature called Super PD, which Samsung proclaimed to give smartphones faster autofocus speeds for its cameras. Also on Samsung’s website, we can see details three other sensors: ISOCELL Bright, Dual and Slim, but it’s unclear which will debut on Samsung’s incoming flagship duo.
  • Galaxy Note 9’s display, reports from South Korea’s ET News has some more inside news about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 and has mentioned that it’ll soon be the first smartphone to use ‘Y-OCTA’ display technology. ‘Y-OCT’ is going to be the Next-Generation screens which allows placing the touch sensor directly on the OLED layer under the screen.It is also reported that the Galaxy Note 9 will also make use of SLP (Substrate Like PCB) mainboards, a kind of circuit miniaturization technique first seen on the iPhone X, setting up Samsung to free up more space inside the handset. Finally, the report claims that the Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with a 12MP dual camera with a f/1.5 or f/1.5 ‘variable aperture’ lens,
  •  Samsung’s most talked Neural Processing Units (NPU), which will be bringing more advanced AI features to its phones is ready to launch in chips by enabling a device to analyze, process and store data without using the cloud. Well, this report by the Korea Herald, which also reports that Samsung will show off some of its NPU’s capabilities at MWC next month in Feb 2018. It is coming with a fully-fledged version of the AI chipset likely to debut in the second half of 2018. According to the Korea Herald’s news sources, Samsung’s AI chipsets although still in its early stages – has “reached the technological levels” of those currently offered by Apple and Huawei. Samsung is all set to give big competitions to the tech giants.
  • The battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, from the reports from Brazilian telecommunications regulator Anatel, rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have an identical battery to the Galaxy S8, at 3,500mAh. With the S9 and S9+, they are equipped with new processors that are more efficient, so it is expected that users will see an improvement in the battery life as well.
  •  With a leaked image of Galaxy Note 9 retail box online as can be seen on Weibo has revealed the full specs of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone S9, S9+. Well, so far none of the specifications didn’t come as much of a surprise, with the leaked box images it has a 5.8in Infinity display, a super fast 12MP Dual Pixel rear camera with OIS, an iris scanner, wireless charging support and IP68 dust and water resistance. The leak, which comes just weeks ahead of Samsung’s planned MWC launch, also hints that the Galaxy Note 9 will be coming up with earphones by AKG and will have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.
  • One of the Chinese case maker Olixar has revealed the first official accessories for the unofficial Galaxy Note 9 and S9 Plus. Its screen protectors available to pre-order at MobileFun hints that both phones will have the exact same display dimensions as their respective predecessors had, with a front camera setup up on top. Olixar also claimed that the Bixby button will return on both the note 9 and S9 Plus.
  • The first unofficial leaked images of the Galaxy Note 9 and S9 Plus have appeared online by Weibo. The leaked snaps don’t reveal much and do not surprise us anymore about the looks of the phone, but it appears that rumours that the handsets will feature the same shiny is confirmed, glass design as their predecessors Samsung S8 had, along with a front screen embedded fingerprint scanner.
  • The leaked drawings of the Galaxy Note 9 have been broadcasted on a Chinese social network Weibo and it suggests that upcoming Samsung S9 will have a new look back panel. The illustrated drawings depict that the phone will be featuring a vertically-aligned camera. With this, it looks like a fingerprint scanner underneath and a heart rate monitor on the right-hand side. The image doesn’t give much clearance.
  • Qualcomm has revealed the Snapdragon 845 SoC, which is expected to likely to come inside the Galaxy S9. Qualcomm is claiming more power with the 845’s high power cores offering about  25-30% boost in performance. Better improved battery life is also hinted along with faster LTE speeds with Qualcomm’s new X20 LTE modem offer Cat 18 speeds of over 1Gbps. The chip will also support the capture of Ultra HD Premium footage at 60fps and comes with a new Secure Processing Unit (SPU) that claims to offer vault-like security. Reports suggest that some models of the Galaxy Note 9 will pack Qualcomm’s 10nm Snapdragon 845 processor, others will feature an Exynos 9th series CPU, which will be 15% more efficient than the Exynos chip found in the Galaxy S8. This, according to the report, comes as Samsung looks to challenge Apple’s A11 Bionic CPU, and could make for staggering battery life on next year’s flagship.
  •  Samsung’s recent announcement about its starting production of the world’s first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS). With this, Samsung proclaimed the sequential read speeds up to 860 MB per sec and sequential writing of 255 MB per sec, which will the future of next-generation mobile devices and had debuted in Galaxy S9.
  • According to a recent report, the Galaxy Note 9 will be coming up with less bezel screen than Samsung Galaxy S8. A rumor told that there could be a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9. According to the same report, this will mean that the bottom bezel is almost non-existent, potentially giving Samsung room to squeeze a large screen into the reasonable size device.


The battleground for becoming the best smartphones has set up and reached a whole new level with Apple almost competing with iPhone X. Samsung is continuously isn’t making revolutionary changes in its flagship Galaxy Note 9 which comes with an almost infinity edge display and iris scanner similar to the Note 8 and here Samsung is pulling its socks tight in running and winning the race for being the best. Samsung devices introduced heat pipes, kind of vapor chamber designs for cooling their smartphones. This gives a solid news that the Galaxy Note 9 will come with better cooling following which the Galaxy Note 9 will take it further.


Well, the news surely doesn’t end here, we have got updates that there will be a new Iris Sensor in development. Samsung was the first to introduce Iris Scanner, it’s making the way for trendy designs with manufacturers removing or even replacing fingerprint sensors for this feature. With the new on-screen fingerprint sensor and updated iris scanner, Galaxy Note 9 is sure to make a splash in the mobile market for the users.


Again, we are not very sure about this but if go with the various leaked blueprints and recent announcements by Samsung we can hear the reveal of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in August 2018 . Well, there is no official word from Samsung about the Galaxy Note 9. For now, we don’t know how much it will cost, or when it will release. As for price, I think we all know how much the Note 8 cost last year £869 was a bit of a shock, but we can expect the Note 9 to fetch roughly the same price in 2018. So, what are you waiting for start saving up for the big beast SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9.

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