Samsung Galaxy Note 9 won’t have On-screen fingerprint sensor


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Samsung is going to announce its upcoming Galaxy NOTE 9 phablet in coming 3 months. So, rumors and leaks and already on fire these days. According to the latest report, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 won’t have on-screen fingerprint sensor at all. Although Samsung has developed the everything that they need to implement on-screen fingerprint sensor in Note 9, they are holding their cards for something else. Let’s see the complete report in details.

Why Samsung Note 9 won’t feature in-screen fingerprint?

Well, last year Samsung was supposed to launch Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship smartphone with in-display fingerprint but somehow it didn’t happen either this year with S9. Although Samsung Galaxy S9 is an incredible smartphone with really amazing specification and awesome camera features. We missed one of the most anticipated in-screen fingerprint features. Although Samsung has done well by adjusting the rear sensor to the middle which is now in pretty easy place to reach.

Samsung will not go to have on-screen fingerprint sensor in its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, as they are holding this feature for upcoming Galaxy S10 aka Galaxy X flagship which is going to announce next year probably in MWC 2019.

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This on-screen fingerprint sensor will be familiar to those who used Galaxy S7 Edge back in 2016. The S7 Edge haves fingerprint sensor integrated with the home button which was quite handy for users and Galaxy S7 Edge itself a masterpiece by Samsung. We still have few units of S7 Edge and they are working pretty nice almost after two years. Let’s see what Samsung has for its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy X phablets.

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What will Galaxy Note 9 have for you?

Well, we are getting more rumors of flexible phablet by Samsung then Note 9. Its going to be the special smartphone on its own. The Samsung Note 9 is expected to feature 6 / 8 GB of RAM, new AMOLED display, New AI and upgraded Bixby. We are covering everything that you need to know about upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. If you have any thought, feel free to leave you to comment below. You can also subscribe to our notification by clicked red bell icon at the right bottom of this page.

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